Correction: "Where the Snow the Pastures Sheets"

The media have been mistaken as to the painting stolen from Bourton-on-the-Water in Gloucestershire. Last week, I wrote about the theft of a Joseph Farquharson from a private residence. I posted an image of the painting, but I posted the wrong painting because The Herald incorrectly stated the name of the painting. I received a kind email from Grizelda Graham, daughter of the 89 year-old theft victim. She wrote , “We don’t know why the media have entitled our stolen painting ‘sunlight and shade’ – the title on the back of my painting is ‘where snow the pastures sheets.’ It is very beautiful, and we are keen to publicise its theft widely in the hope that someone will spot it and return it to us.” This is the image of the stolen painting she gave me.

Hopefully the media will correct their mistake soon, and continue to publish the theft. I suggested she contact the Art Loss Register in her attempts to get the painting back.

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Art Theft in the Cotswolds

Joseph Farquharson’s “Sunlight and Shadow”, valued at £150,00, has been stolen from a private residence. There were 6 people in the house while the painting, along with other works and a grandfather clock were taken. Though thefts from museums and public institutions often make headlines, more works may actually be stolen from private homes. This may be an example of thieves being unaware of what they have stolen. In my view, the best way to prevent these kind of thefts is to insist on a transparent art market.

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