Stolen Picassos

These two works by Pablo Picasso were stolen. The two works, Portrait of Jacqueline (1938) on the left and Maya with Doll (1961) on the right, will be nearly impossible to sell. They were taken from a home in Paris’ 7th Arrondissement between Monday and Tuesday of this week. They were stolen from Diana Widmaier-Picasso, the granddaughter of the artist. Their combined value is estimated at $66 million.

Alan riding of the New York Times has an excellent story here, and there are various AP stories floating around as well.

Speculation will abound about who stole these works and why. That’s the ultimate question. Was it the mob, criminals eager to ransom the work back, or even a wealthy evil genius who had it stolen to order? If I had to guess, I would say it was probably taken by experienced thieves. They will put it in a bank vault, and attempt to work out a settlement with the owners in a few years, perhaps even brokered by the Art Loss Register.

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One thought on “Stolen Picassos”

  1. O’h Derek you old cynic.

    I am sure Julian Radcliffe, demonic owner of the Art Loss extortion Register, would only negociate the return of the Picasso’s because of his love of art and keeping it for the masses to enjoy.

    His 10/15% of the market value, $6.6 million if he gets back these two Picasso’s is a fair price to pay, not Danegeld as some may claim.

    Julian Radcliffe is certainly not a weasel featured litte turd who preys on others misery just becaue he acts like one

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