Radio and TV Interview, BBC Scotland (UPDATE)

If everything goes as planned, you should be able to hear an interview with me on TV and on the Radio here in Scotland on Tuesday. You can hear the interview on BBC Radio Scotland tomorrow on the Good Morning Scotland show sometime between 6 and 9 . There will be a TV segment as well on BBC Scotland’s Reporting Scotland at 18.30. Streaming video of the whole newscast should be available here.

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure in being interviewed by a reporter for the BBC, David Marsland, here in Scotland at the Aberdeen Art Gallery. I talked about my research, why I decided to study here in Scotland, and the current state of protection for Scottish art museums and historic houses. 


To listen to the radio segment, click here.

It seems the TV segment has been preempted, but I’ve been assured it will air in the near future. I’ll post more here when I know more.

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One thought on “Radio and TV Interview, BBC Scotland (UPDATE)”

  1. Derek,
    Good radio interview. I was amused by the tongue-in-cheek suggestion that jazz music is never played in museums because it just might encourage the visitors to steal the art in emulation of heist movies. There is a serious point there. As you rightly say, as art prices spiral upwards, so the desire to steal masterpieces increases accordingly. But in reality the jazz may be lacking but the potential for violence towards low-paid museum staff is all too present.

    Perhaps you have a reference for that intriguing Indian diamond heist referred to in the preamble.
    Tell me more
    All best

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