Picasso Sketchbook Stolen in Paris


More evidence that Picasso is a favorite among art thieves.  A sketchbook containing 33 drawing by Pablo Picasso was stolen from the Picasso Museum in Paris.  The theft was discovered this afternoon.  It is believed that the book was held in an unlocked (!) display case on the first floor of the museum.  There are not many details at this point, but I wonder if perhaps a visitor walked off with it?  Or it may have been an after-hours break-in.   

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One thought on “Picasso Sketchbook Stolen in Paris”

  1. The communiqué issued by the French Ministry of Culture states the display case was locked and could only be opened with a ‘specific instrument’.

    “Il était conservé dans une vitrine fermée de l’extérieur dont l’ouverture ne pouvait se faire qu’à l’aide d’outils spécifiques.”

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