New Leonardo . . . does anybody care about the art?

A portrait of a young womanA labratory in paris has discovered a fingerprint on this work which is “highly comparable” to one on a Leonardo da Vinci work in the Vatican.  That means this work which was purchased for $19,000 may be worth tens of millions now.  It seems there are also stylistic similarities, and this work was performed by a left-handed artist (as Leonardo was).

It is an interesting story, but again I’m reminded of the lament by Jonathan Jones that art history has become pseudoscience.  Why should we care how much this work could fetch at an auction, what about the art?  Is it a nice picture, or just a windfall investment?

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2 thoughts on “New Leonardo . . . does anybody care about the art?”

  1. It is amazing how science can contribute to the authenticity of this painting. Comparing this to the other paintings of Da Vinci, there are indeed some similarities. I pity the person who sold it. But maybe the Swiss collector can give him a a gift or something to make him feel good too.

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