More Bad News for da Vinci defendant

A solicitor accused of helping to try and launder Leonardo da Vinci’s Madonna of the Yarnwinder is in the news again. Marshall Ronald is also being investigated into possible theft from clients’ accounts — a very serious crime given the vast sums of money lawyers typically handle for their clients. Via the Liverpool Echo:

A SOLICITOR accused of taking part in a £40m Leonardo Da Vinci painting robbery is being investigated for allegedly stealing from clients’ accounts.

Officials from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) visited the business address of Marshall Ronald, 51, in Skelmersdale, last week.

They shut down his company and removed documents and money relating to his former practice.

It’s probably not too surprising that a lawyer willing to violate the law in one instance — trying to launder a priceless painting — would also be inclined to perhaps mismanage client funds. Its another indication though that art crime is seldom isolated. It often has other corrolaries, whether its organized crime, violent crime, or in this case, white-collar crime.

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One thought on “More Bad News for da Vinci defendant”

  1. The whole world would like to hear what has happened to this thief and why he is not behind bars for all his other scams

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