Interview with Cuno and Gerstenblith on Minnesota Public Radio

James Cuno, prominent critic of what he calls cultural nationalism, shares an extended interview with Prof. Patty Gerstenblith on Minnesota Public Radio.  Kimberley Alderman notes the “arguments themselves are not particularly unique to these discussions, but its kind of fun to hear the host and Gerstenblith sock it to Cuno on a couple of points (especially when he’s being smug).”  Is Cuno really smug?  Feel free to give the interview a listen and offer your thoughts in the comments below.

Here’s the MPR audio.

Larry Rothfield also notes the moderator “calls Cuno’s bluff”, and also notes the City University New York will be hosting a discussion on April 7th with Rothfield, Cuno, and Lawrence Coben in which focus will be placed on practical responses to the current looting of antiquities.

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One thought on “Interview with Cuno and Gerstenblith on Minnesota Public Radio”

  1. JC isn’t always smug, but he gets that way when cornered, IMHO. The kind of annoying thing about this discussion (generally, not just this recording) is that its not going anywhere. People are giving the same points and counterpoints over and over, and there’s no progress. It’s not anyone’s fault, just a function of the irremediable nature of the conflict, but I’m ready for the next person to take an odd and extremist position just to change the track that’s on repeat.

    Anyways, thanks for the linkage, D.

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