Hire This JD/PhD!

Please forgive the self-promotion, but I am approaching the end of my time as a PhD candidate here at the University of Aberdeen, and my wife is quite understandably tired of supporting my education habit. Two 3-year postgraduate programs really are about the limit, so I’ve reluctantly concluded that I should get myself employed.

I will be submitting my thesis tentatively titled “The US and UK Response to the Illicit Trade in Cultural Property” in November of this year. If you think I would be a good addition to your law faculty, arts institution, law firm (or anything really) please visit my web page where I’ve listed my qualifications, publications, teaching experience, and research interests. Location is no obstacle, we would be excited to move anywhere in North America or Europe especially.

I have submitted my information to the AALS, so any law professors who may enjoy my writing, I would appreciate a kind word to your hiring chairs. I’m cautiously optimistic about the process, but I would also be interested in some teaching fellowships as well.

If you have further questions you can email me at derek.fincham “at” gmail.com.

Questions or Comments? Email me at derek.fincham@gmail.com

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