Golf, Donald Trump and the Stone Age

Aberdeen’s own Press & Journal details a potential headache for Donald Trump. The billionaire has been planning a new golf resort here in the North-East of Scotland, between Balmedie and Newburgh. The plans include 2 courses, a village, and a 5-star resort. It may all cost up to £5 billion. Unfortunately, these hills may contain Stone Age relics. An environmental assessment is currently underway. There is no definitive proof that the dunes contain relics, however Ian Shepherd, an archaeologist with the Aberdeenshire Council speculates that, “the coast would have been rich in food sources and a perfect place for hunter gatherers. They could have found whales washed ashore, seals for hunting and wildfowl further inland. Our evidence is that these areas were really at a premium.”

If I had to guess, I’d say that the chances of this kind of development were to be held up by some archaeological concerns are quite slim. Perhaps a compromise could be worked out wherein parts of the development are excavated. There always exists a tension between archaeology, environmental concerns, and development. My personal view is that the impacts of the courses and hotel would likely be far less intrusive than that of the oil industry in the wider area. Though I should confess I’m an avid golfer, and one could not imagine a more perfect setting for golf.

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One thought on “Golf, Donald Trump and the Stone Age”

  1. thanks for posting this interesting story, and please keep us informed as it develops.
    i am originally from scotland, and every time i go back there’s another bloody golf course. don’t get me wrong, i quite like playing golf too, but they are a real blight on the landscape, and there are plenty already. i think every effort should be made to stop this loathesome man from despoiling fine scottish countryside.

    will –

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