• Modern technology has collided with Ancient Rome, with the addition of Pompeii to “Google Street View.”
  • Park West galleries sell nearly $450 million in art every year.
  • Dartmouth Math professor has created a digital method for identifying suspect artworks.
  • After a flood ruined the University of Iowa’s Museum of Art, the “Envisioning Committee” is calling for a bigger museum to be built closer to campus.
  • A Byzantine era mosaic was stolen from Old Town Aqraba in the northern West Bank.
  • While Cambodia and Thailand lead the pack of Southeast Asian countries that experience the most severe looting dilemmas, Vietnam might now be in their league.
  • With the record-breaking sale of Giacometti’s Walking Man I, the art market has gone from recession-induced anorexia back to bilious over-indulgence.
  • For the first time, a Swiss museum will show the Impressionist and post-Impressionist collection two years after a $160 million heist of the collection.
  • Valuable Iraqi antiques were seized at the Dubai International airport.
  • Taking photographs of pyramids in Egypt is becoming increasingly difficult, not to mention prohibited.
  • The Indianapolis Museum of Art has created the IMA Lab, to address the needs specific to the museum community regarding the use of innovative digital technology.
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