• Mardi Gras Indians in New Orleans file copyright suits against photographers who take their photographs without compensating them.
  • Deaccessioning running rampant in today’s art world.
  • The Department Interior’s decision to return human remains to Indian tribes and Native Hawaiians that are currently in museums and natural history collections will take effect May 14, 2010.
  • A couple of New York art dealers have recovered stolen art, but these recoveries are only minor successes in the $6 billion a year art theft industry; the art was found in Canada.
  • The two authors of Property Outlaws have written a detailed article about the law of fair use and “permission-based” creation of art.
  • Federal appeals court justices debated whether a U.S. man should sue in Spain and Germany before suing in the U.S. to recover a Pissarro painting stolen by the Nazis.
  • Hundreds of artworks from a state-run museum in Ankara, Turkey have perhaps been replaced by fakes or even gone missing.
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