Footnotes 5.24.2010

  • Artist Justin Lowe plans to re-create the CBGB bathroom for a Connecticut Museum.
  • Members of the Military are offered free admission into many museums through a new NEA program.
  • The Fresno Metropolitan Museum will return 6 Ansel Adams’ works to Adams’ son rather than sell the works.
  • SMU’s Meadows Museum learned that three of its well-known works were looted from Jewish families by the Nazis.
  • Two Banksy prints were stolen from a London art gallery.
  • Jerry Brown has filed a brief in support of Marei Von Saher in the Norton Simon Museum case.
  • Marion Manekar analyzes the deaccession debate through Shelly Banjo’s recent article in the Wall Street Journal.
  • Twin Kouroi statues were apprehended from two Greek farmers, who had attempted to illegally sell the statues for $12million.
  • The battle over the Rose Art Museum is heating up, again.
  • Does the move of the famous Barnes Collection symbolizes that is wrong with museum’s today:¬† “movies, restaurants, classes, gift shops, parties, pop-cultural exhibits, and interactive computers.”
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