Footnotes 5.10.2010

  • Fritz Lang’s famous film Metropolis has been recovered, due in large part to Argentine film archivist Fernando Pena.
  • A misappropriation of a da Vinci by Christie’s could have cost one woman millions.
  • Zahi Hawass of Egypt calls for a unified approach on stolen antiquities.
  • Is American architecture coming to an end?
  • Indonesia is auctioning off over 250,000 antiquities from a recently discovered 10th century shipwreck near Java.
  • Pieces of silver were recently stolen from the National Trust’s Kedleston Hall.
  • Turkish forgeries were found hanging on the walls of the State Painting and Sculpture Museum in Ankara.
  • Organized crime networks in Iraq show no intention of halting the valuable business of looting ancient artifacts.
  • An English man is on trial for stealing valuable horticultural books from a famous library in London.
  • This is old news, but the Getty Trust elected Ronald Spogli, former U.S. ambassador to Italy, to its board, possibly in an attempt to strength its ties with Italy.
  • Click here to read in depth on the recently held ABA Section of International Law Panel on the 1970 UNESCO Convention.
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