Adieu Australia, by Garry Shead, recently stolen in Sydney
  • Eighteen works stolen from a home in Sydney. 
  • The city of New York is suing Christie’s over architect Jacob Wrey Mould’s watercolor drawings which were found in the garbage fifty years ago.  
  • The remanded trial to determine whether Fisk University can sell parts of the Stieglitz collection continues. 
  • Eli Broad says museums need to “get art out of the basement“.  
  • A Henry Moore sketch has been stolen from a gallery in south Worcestershire. 
  • Another lenient sentence handed down in the 4 corners case, this time only 3 years probation.  This is the eighth of the defendants to receive a lenient sentence, though the prosecution claims that the massive investigation has sent a message that this kind of looting will be punished. 
  • “Joyance”, a statue by William Goscombe John has been stolen from a park in Cardiff. 
  • Thieves have defaced a Louise Bourgeois sculpture on Lafayette square in New Orleans—given as a gift by the artist to the city at his own expense after the storm. 
  • The Iraqi Tourism and Antiquities Minister Qahtan al-Juburi says that more than 36,000 artifacts have been recovered in the past seven years. 
  • Looting continues in Cambodia. 
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