Footnotes 4.8.2010

Bamiyan after the intentional destruction, in 2005

  • An update nine years after the Bamiyan Buddhas were destroyed.
  • Oakland, CA may cut its art budget in half.
  • Feds collect more relics stolen in the Four Corners region art theft.
  • In an apparent effort to improve its image with Italy, the Getty has named the former American ambassador to Italy to its board of trustees.
  • On a positive note from the world of stolen art, the FBI Art Crime Team returned looted art to Peru.
  • A new book by Robert K. Wittman alleges that attempts to recover stolen Vermeers were foiled by FBI infighting.
  • Some improvement has been shown at Brandeis University, but the Rose Museum is still struggling.
  • Fisk University‘s legal struggles continue in an attempt to sell a portion of the Stieglitz/O’Keeffe collection to the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, AR.
  • The Owensboro Museum of Fine Arts in Kentucky is dangerously close to shutting down.
  • A solo traveling exhibition by artist Peju Layiwola centered on the looting of African artifacts in Benin opened on April 8th, 2010.
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