Footnotes 4.23.2010

  • Works found in a Parisian vault 40 years after WWII, including this Andre Derain, are going to be sold in a Sotheby’s auction after being tied up for 30 years in court.
  • An odd lawsuit over a breach of confidentiality has ensued between a Miami art collector and a New York art dealer.
  • Artists are rallying support for Brandeis’ Rose Museum by hosting a benefit to raise money for legal costs.
  • Stephen Spielberg should never have had to give up his “stolen” Normal Rockwell.
  • The video from the CUNY panel discussion on cultural heritage from April 7, 2010 has been posted.
  • Mark Durney argues terrorism and the illicit drug trade are linked to the $6 billion a year art theft industry.  Art theft is perhaps the 3rd highest grossing criminal trade over the last 40 years.
  • Zahi Hawass, the Secretary General of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, has done a tremendous job of elevating the profile of Egyptian antiquities. However, he continues to attack museums for not returning artifacts to Egypt.
  • An attorney in the Four Corners antiquities case wants evidence thrown out because the deceased FBI informant Ted Gardiner can’t be questioned about the evidence.
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