The Collapsed House of the Gladiators at Pompeii

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One thought on “Footnotes”

  1. Derek- On the Congressional letter, I’m not sure why you believe that the legislators that signed it “missed the point.” As you know, the UNESCO Convention is not self-executing, and import restrictions (which are at issue here) can only be imposed based on the provisions of the CPIA. The concerted international response requirement is an important part of the statute. In this case, it has not been met. Certainly, the major market nations of the EU (Germany and the UK) allow ancient coins (that are not fresh from the ground) to be exported without a license. It is also my understanding that Italy has a system where no export permit is required for most coins, after a 45 day waiting period. Over all, there is nothing wrong with Congressmen requesting that State follow the law. You yourself noted favorably the Urice and Adler article that argues this does not happen as it should.

    Sincerely, Peter Tompa

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