Footnotes 2.19.2010

  • Two Banksy admirers buy wall, but have difficulty selling the wall for profit because they are unable to authenticate the work as Banksy’s.
  • Shephard Fairey filed a motion to postpone his deposition until the federal criminal investigation him is complete.
  • A lawyer is attempting to collect more that $125,000 in legal fees after an unsuccessful suit to regain a Pissarro.
  • The Antiquities Market, a section on news and on the illicit traffic in antiquities, will be a regular feature of the Journal of Field Archaeology.
  • The Corcoran Gallery of Art sells school building to a partnership that includes the Rubell family, and later will exhibit art from the Rubell family collection, all while saying the two are not connected.
  • Picasso and Portinari paintings stolen from a Brazilian art museum have been recovered by Brazilian police.
  • Fair use issues arise when photographs are taken of public art.
  • Edward Winkleman gives insight on purchasing deaccessioned works from museum sales.
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