• LS Lowry paintings stolen in a violent 2007 theft have been recovered.
  • A discussion of the legal standing of SLAM to contest the Government’s civil forfeiture. And lest we get too critical of SLAM for asking for assistance from the Missouri Highway Patrol, that likely would have been the conduit to check Interpol’s stolen art database.
  • Charged with 16 felonies. Pleaded guilty to one count of trafficking in stolen artifacts. Another defendant receives probation sentence in the Four Corners antiquities case.
  • Herakles looted torso will be reunited with his lower half after the MFA in Boston agreed to return it to Turkey.
  • A reminder that collecting antiquities is not a new endeavor.
  • Twelve people have been arrested in Spain for looting archaeological sites with metal detectors.
  • And coins legally discovered by metal detectorists in Spain and recorded in the PAS have led to a discovery of a Roman town west of Devon, further than many had believed the Romans to have settled.
  • Archaeologists have discovered how to hack a kinect to conduct 3D scans of objects and buildings.
  • Two men have been arrested for selling illicit antiquities in the Istanbul bazaar.
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