Conference Schedule, Vulnerability & Cultural Heritage, Leicester 9-10 of May

Next week I’ll be attending and presenting at a conference at the University of Leicester titled “Vulnerability and Cultural Heritage“. It looks to be a great group of speakers, and I’m looking forward to catching up with and meeting many of these folks. I hope to have a few reactions here when I’m back near a computer:

And here are details on the Programme:

Thursday 9 May

9.30–9.35  Welcome

Panel 1

9.35–10.00  Neil Brodie 
Provenance and price: The invisible hand of the antiquities market?

10.00-10.25 Simon Mackenzie
Conditions for guilt-free consumption in a transnational criminal market

10.25–10.50  Kathy Tubb
Trade Fairs: A Marketing Tool for the Sale of Antiquities

Refreshments 10.50–11.10

Panel 2

11.10–11.35  Rowan Brown
Loved, listed, looted: crime at the Lady Victoria Colliery.

11.35–12.00  Nick Poole
Combating Heritage Crime: Key Findings from the ACE Museum Security Programme

12.00–12.25  Mike Harlow 
Heritage Crime – ‘What’s the Problem?

12.25–12.50  Mark Harrison 
Heritage Crime – What’s the Solution? The development of multi–disciplinary approaches

Lunch 12.50–1.45

Panel 3

1.45–2.10  Julian Radcliffe
Protection of Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis

2.10–2.35  Patty Gerstenblith
When Is “1970” Not Enough and When Is it Too Much? Evolving U.S. Museum Policies and Practices for the Acquisition of Archaeological Objects

2.35–3.00  Michelle Gallant
The Impact of Money Laundering Measures

3.00–3.25  Janet Ulph
Money Laundering Measures and Ethical Dealing: the Demands Placed upon High Value Dealers and Museums in the UK

Panel 4

3.50–4.15  Tatiana Flessas
Museums and Antiquities after Marion True

4.15–4.40  Andrzej Jakubowski 
Black Sea Tomb Raiders and the Practice of International Cultural Exchange: Revisiting the Ethics and Responsibility of Museums

4.40–5.05  Derek Fincham
The Italian efforts to initiate forfeiture proceedings of the Fano Athelete/Getty Bronze in Italy

5.05–5.30  Antonio Roma Valdes
Illicit trafficking of cultural heritage as a crime. The role of the judiciary.

Friday 10 May

Panel 5

9.30–9.55  Jessica Dietzler
On antiquities and wildlife trafficking: similarities and peculiarities of regulation and control in two transnational criminal markets

9.55–10.20  Lorna Gillies
Help or Hindrance? The Utility of the Conflict of Laws Process in Claims for the Return of Cultural Objects Wrongfully Removed

10.20–10.45  Carolyn Shelbourn
Prosecuting heritage offences – a cautionary tale

10.45–11.10  David Gill
Title to be announced

11.10 – 11.30  Refreshments

Panel 6

11.30–11.55  Roger Atwood
Heritage and Development: A View from Central America

11.55–12.20 Kristin Hausler
Indigenous Sacred Objects: Trade and Stewardship Issues

12.20–12.45  Andreas Pantazatos
The Normative Framework of Stewardship: Care and Respect

12.45–1.10pm  Charlotte Woodhead
Stewardship and moral title: viable legal concepts?

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