Career Update

Apologies for the light posting in recent days. I’m in the process of moving from Aberdeen in Scotland to New Orleans, where I’ll be taking up a teaching fellowship for two years at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law. I’ll be continuing my cultural heritage research, and this blog as well, but I’ll also be working on a soon-to-be launched resource coordinated by some very good people at the London School of Economics, which I’ll be talking about as we get closer to launching the site.

Many thanks to all of you who read, and are kind enough to send along articles, your work, and advice. I hope to resume regular posting this week.

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3 thoughts on “Career Update”

  1. No worries, you are doing a great job on you blog and the work you discuss. Keep it up, I know many people who read your blog, its educating for all of us. Thanks again and best of luck with your move. ZJ

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