Call for Presenters, 6th Annual ARCA Conference June 28-29

ARCA's Fifth Annual Conference in 2013
ARCA’s Fifth Annual Conference in 2013

One of the highlights of my year is getting to travel to Amelia every summer to teach in ARCA’s postgraduate program, and to organize its annual conference. There seem to be a wave of great art and heritage conferences all over the world now that are helping to promote the field—one that is still very much in its early stages. I want to make a push for what I think is a unique conference, ARCA’s annual conference in Amelia. With many of us experiencing the latest cold snap here in the states, it might be a good time to cast your attention to thoughts of summer and warm Umbrian sunshine. Our conference hopes to promote study of art crime and cultural heritage by focusing attention on the good writing and work being done, and offering a collegial space for folks to come together. Many of us rely on the internet to communicate and interract, so it is a real treat to meet folks you’ve been emailing and reading for years. And best of all the conference offers plenty of time for socializing and taking in the Umbrian countryside. Our panels are organized into groups of 3-4 speakers, with 20 minutes per speaker. Presenters hail from a terrific range of backgrounds including: law, criminology, art history, law enforcement, archaeology, journalism, and others.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal to present, or attending (there’s no admission fee, just a small charge for lunch and dinner) keep reading below the jump for the particulars.

Amelia, Italy, June 28-­29, 2014
ARCA and the city of Amelia will be hosting its sixth-annual interdisciplinary conference this summer. The two-day conference aims to facilitate a critical appraisal of the protection of art and cultural heritage by bringing together academics, police, members of the art world, as well as the students in ARCA’s postgraduate certificate program in Art Crime and CulturalHeritage Protection.

The conference will be held in Amelia, Italy in the heart of Umbria where ARCA will present its annual Awards—chosen by ARCA’s Trustees and past award winners—to honor outstanding scholars and professionals dedicated to the protection and recovery of cultural heritage.


ARCA welcomes proposals from any relevant field, including law, policing, security, art history,conservation, archaeology, or criminology. To be considered as a presenter please submit both a concise 200 word abstract as well as a current Resume or CV by email to ARCA’s Conference Organizer Dr. Derek Fincham at: Derek.fincham (at) by April1, 2014.

Presenters will be asked to limit their presentation to 20 minutes, and will be grouped together in panels organized thematically, which will allow time for brief questions from the audience at the conclusion of each panel. There are also plenty of opportunities for informal conversations at coffee breaks, a lunch on Saturday, and in the evenings.


To attend please just email Dr. Fincham at: . There will be a small fee for the reception, lunch and dinner. If you have any enquiry about the conference format, or transportation to or from Amelia, please get in touch.

We hope to see many of you in Amelia in June!

Key Dates
Call for Presenters Deadline: April 1, 2014
Registration opens: Now

Conference Dates: June 28-29, 2014 (There is a kick-off cocktail on Friday, June 27, 2014)



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