ARTHattack! Interview

Vanja Stojanovic, a terrific student at the University of Guelph put together this short interview after the ARTHattack! conference where I talk a bit about ARCA, the current situation in Greece and the art market:

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One thought on “ARTHattack! Interview”

  1. In the long run the best and most economical deterrent and investigative tool to prevent and investigate art theft must be to database all artifacts online according to a well thought through system of categorizing. Good visuals is a prerequisite

    Also this would be an absolute fantastic tool for research within many humanities disciplines.

    It would carry a section of stolen items, so it would be easy and inexpensive to do due diligence.

    This can also serve as a cataloguing solution for both museums and collectors (even dealers stockbook), given that private individuals and commercial entities can be well protected.

    It has to be run by an international body.

    Now only about 1% of the dealers and auction houses can afford to do due diligence. Also listing stolen property is outrageously expensive.

    The art theft industry is driven by low value items from a few hundred dollars to about ten thousand. These are very difficult for the buyer to do due diligence on. With above it would hopefully be a free and speedy process.

    The 5 most common types of appraisal values

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