Antiquities Speakers at George Washington

Via David Gill I see that George Washington University is bringing in speakers to discuss antiquities issues.  The series is entitled”Museums and Antiquities“.  Tonight will be James Cuno, sure to offer some provoking opinions:   James Cuno: “Museums, Antiquities, and the Politics of Cultural Property”.  If any readers end up attending, please drop me a line with any observations.  

Coming up will be:

  • February 18, 2010. Patty Gerstenblith: “Museums and the Market: Preserving the Past by Regulating the Market in Antiquities”
  • March 4, 2010. Malcolm Bell: “Archaeologists’ Views on Collecting Antiquities”


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3 thoughts on “Antiquities Speakers at George Washington”

  1. We should remember that James Cuno has so far not answered any of the numerous criticisms made about his views. Hopefully,Gerstenblith will enlighten Cuno about the nature of law,especially International Law and help him to abandon some of his rather outrageous views about UNESCO and the role of the international conventions and organizations in the fight against illicit traffick in antiquities.

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