Another Major Theft in Switzerland (UPDATE)

A work by Swiss artist Ferdinand Hodler has “gone missing” on its way to an exhibition in Bern. The work had been collected by a transportation company but never made it to the exhibition at the Bern Museum of Fine Art. It was to be included in an exhibition entitled “A Symbolic Vision,” a collection of Hodler’s works.

Swiss police are treating the matter as a major art theft, after two other high profile robberies occurred in the past few months: Two Monets and two Degas‘s, worth a combined 180 million francs ($163 million), were stolen from the Emil Buehrle private art collection in Zurich in February, and a few days before that, two Picassos on loan from Germany, worth an estimated 4 million francs, were stolen from an exhibition near Zurich. No further details have been released on the Hodler incident.


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