Alternative Dispute Resolution and Art-Law

Anne Laure Bandle and Sarah Theurich have an article in Vol 6, No 1 of the Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology titled “Alternative Dispute Resolution and Art-Law – A New Research Project of the Geneva Art-Law Centre“.

This article introduces the new research project of the Geneva Art-Law Centre, which aims to study alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods for art-related disputes. It gives a brief introduction on the topic of the research the project – the significant potential of ADR mechanisms in art law – and provides an overview of the growing international consideration for ADR in art-law matters. While types of art-related disputes vary considerably from case to case, certain common features may be identified to explain the need for adapted dispute resolution in this area. The Art-Law Centre’s research project will involve the creation of an Art-Law ADR Database recording art-related disputes worldwide that were resolved by means of ADR methods, as well as a thorough case analysis. To illustrate the nature of the research project, this paper specifies the different project stages and gives examples of collected art-law cases.

An interesting approach and a project with a great deal of potential. Well worth a read.

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