60 minutes tackles the Gurlitt art hoard

The interesting story is how Gurlitt and his father were able to explain and justify the possession of these works for so many years, else keep it so well-hidden. The 30-year German statute of limitations on stolen art claims now also supports his current possession (though if there is any evidence Gurlitt knew these works were stolen would surely be grounds for challenging his possession).


His lawyers claim that with “clear evidence” Mr. Gurlitt will return works to claimants. Gathering that evidence is of course extremely difficult. And how clear is clear:

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  1. There is also an informative article on the subject in the April issue of Vanity Fair.
    ‘The Devil and the Art Dealer’ by Alex Shoumatoff

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for being the first to actually test this feature! Seen a lot of people with D800 and external recorders out there who haevn't been able to post a good test yet.

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